Many women always tell me that they love what I do, wish they could empower women, wish they could become a coach, wish they could do public speaking! I think that is a beautiful aspiration!

However, starting a business requires one really crucial step when you begin in my opinion. This will lay out for you the very first step I believe any woman must do before starting an empowerment biz for women or for any woman stuck in her biz journey right now….

So…I’ve been about this empowerment life since 7th grade. Right in the warmth of my own home I started “Black Girls Have Power Book Club” in my basement. I had 7 friends join. I had an application process and I had my mom order the books from Amazon in bulk.

I created lesson plans and activities for every session. Fast forward years later, and I started Regal Realness as a blog the summer after I graduated college, and keep going and I have turned it into a business that empowers women daily that brings income, makes impact, and influences more women than I ever thought possible.

It’s been in my heart and soul for some time. 

Is it in yours?

Being a business owner is not for the faint of heart. Empowering other women is awesome and it is an amazing. But, if you want to do it at a  level where you make income, impact, and have influence then it takes loads of hard work, dedication, sacrifice and investments in your time and your money.

Empowering other women calls you to really becoming the woman you were destined to be (that is, if you are doing it right!). It forces you to be SEEN and HEARD!


It is by far the best personal development training in the world because what it really takes to start and run a successful women’s empowerment biz or even blog or organization is:


“How we do our work becomes a mirror of who we are inside”- Michael E. Gerber
Author of The E-Myth & Small Business Guru

Empowering other women is all about empowering yourself first! If you feel this is your calling, than this is a sign and a confirmation! However, this is also a sign to get yourself together first.

You don’t have to be perfect to empower others (I’m not!). Nor do you have to be great to start.  However, to be GREAT at what you do, you must start somewhere. Start within.

Pull out a journal & pen and answer the BIG 3:

1. Who am I? (Dig deep…like really…beyond your titles (ie. mother, student, nurse, etc and any degrees)

2. Why am I here?  (why did God bring you here!)

3. What am I here to contribute?  What unique contribution do I have to offer other women? What is my unique story that I can tell? What testimony do I have to share? What “mess” from my own life can I turn into  a “message” for others?

This helps give you purpose and vision. Business is full up ups and downs. You will need to always remind yourself why are doing what you do and always stick to your mission and focus to make the biggest impact on others.


  • Let me know what you discovered about yourself by answering the BIG 3.
  • Did this resonate with you? Why?

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