We all know a Regal Realness woman when we meet her. She is show stopping and she turns heads in any room. Men fall for her effortlessly. Women envy her zest for life and try to compete or even imitate. She appears to have it all. Beauty, style, brilliance, purpose, success, a great man, exciting life, and last but certainly not least a glow like no other. She radiates. She is regal. She has embraced her real self at her core. She is regal realness.

However, we also know an INSECURE woman when we see her coming a mile away. But, it is harder for us to see where we let our own insecurities leak out sometimes which can be a turn off to colleagues, friends, family, and men.

Here are 21 of the most common ways I have recently seen women leaking:


  1. You spend more time with your man then family and friends
  2.  You are over the top and dramatic especially on social media
  3.  You always double check to see social media followers and/or  “likes” and “follows”
  4. It really ticks you off to see your man talking to another woman (in any way)
  5.  Trying to control everything in a relationship (with your man, children, employees, etc)
  6.  Need constant validation from others
  7.  Make people feel guilty for not hanging with you or inviting you places
  8.  Never sure about what you are doing
  9. Wearing inappropriate attire for your age or body type
  10. Mention something wrong about your body or self before someone else can
  11. Never want to be in or take pictures
  12. Can’t take a compliment
  13. Don’t make eye contact and weak hand shake
  14. Looks through your man’s phone or social media accounts
  15. Being clingy to others
  16. Hold yourself back from making moves in your life that are necessary for your growth
  17. Let people walk over you and speak to you disrespectfully
  18. Always seeking attention from others to make yourself better
  19. Rush into things to make yourself feel better like relationships or getting married
  20. Addicted to fantasies such as fairy tale wedding or the perfect man
  21. Try to fit in wherever they go in an effort to be liked and accepted


COMMENT: Did any of these resonate with you? Why do you think that is?

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