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2018 Dream Life: Unleashed and Unstoppable
·        How to figure out what God wants you to do “NEXT”
·        How to get unstuck in your life and relationships
·        How to walk away from people and surroundings that no longer serve you
·        How to let go and forgive others
·        How to stop worrying about the future, and focus on the present
·        How to manifest new opportunities and desires (that feel like they will never happen)
·        How to get your finances in order and get disciplined for success

Unleash Your Calling: The Purpose Lab
·        How to discover your God given purpose
·         How to be sure of what your purpose is
·        How to know if your PURPOSE is from God
·        How to own and monetize your expertise (with or without a degree or certification)
·        How to find peace and happiness even if your job/career isn’t ideal
·        How to be sure you are doing good at your current job/career (even if it sucks)
·        How to manifest new career/job/business opportunities
·        How to feel more stable, accomplished, and confident in life and at work

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