This will be you in 2016! When you stop worrying about what other people think, and become STRONG, FIERCE, & CONFIDENT! 

Stop believing what other people think….

Stop it right now! Start FOCUSING on what makes you happy!

Nobody else can be you or do you.

Put your ENERGY instead into CREATING your big, beautiful, FIERCE, CONFIDENT life!

In just 13 days it will be 2016!
Where will you be a year from now?

In the last few emails, I’ve asked you to start thinking about what you want…what you really really want for your life in the New Year!

I am so ready to kick ass in 2016 it’s not even funny!

Are you ready?!?
Not only am I excited for myself, but I am excited to empower you to do the same thing.

I believe in you more than you believe in yourself.

Let me share something dear to my heart with you,

  • I believe ALL women are born to GLOW and be FIERCE!
  • I believe women are worthy of winning in life.
  • I believe women are powerful beyond measure.
  • I believe if every woman had her potential unlocked she would be confident and unstoppable.
  • I believe that empowering girls and women will change the entire world.
  • I believe women must be taught that true confidence and beauty comes from within.
  • I believe that when a woman knows her worth she makes better decisions about herself and her life.
  • I believe that women with vision already have what it takes to make it a reality. 
  • I believe that when women are empowered they accept, love, and own who they are.
  • I believe that when a woman owns who is she gives herself permission to be herself.
  • I believe that when a woman gives herself permission to be great that she gives herself permission to step into her true power. 
  • I believe that when a woman steps into her true power she gives other women permission to do the same. 

Empowered women will change the world by inspiring their children, men, and families to step into their greatness too.

I believe you are truly DONE with worrying about what other people think, letting old ish weigh you down, not living in your truth, not being happy daily, not attracting the right things into your life, and not feeling sexy, fierce, bold, and confident!

If you are truly DONE, I invite you to download my 2016 FIERCE DREAM LIFE PLANNER that I made to help you get focused, set goals, and take action on living a life you love.