For me 2014, broke my heart…open and cracked my soul into being. It was challenging. It was a struggle. There were tears. There were questions. There were prayers. There was confusion. There was war within the battle of being who I thought I was to realizing that who I am becoming required me to change.

To grow. To evolve. To awaken. To open my heart rather than close it and to follow my soul rather than avoid it. Avoid its calling. Avoid it’s nudging. Avoid its loud cry to simply “be.” Being who I was destined to be seemed easier when you hide yourself in the busyness of life, work, and things.

But, when I started telling the truth about myself and about my life….only then was I able to see 2014 as the best year of my life. As the year where “one day my soul finally opened up” and I was finally able to become the woman I desired to be. Becoming is not an easy process nor is it for the faint of heart. All our called, but only few choose to awaken to the confident and empowered woman within.

Well, this was my year, and here are 15 lessons I am taking with me into 2015 and beyond…and you should too:

  1. A woman who refuses/delays/avoids awakening is a woman who will forever be unhappy, emotionally unavailable, lonely, depressed, desperate, needy, clingy, insecure, obsessive, doubtful, and fearful
  2. People, places, and experiences are awakeners. Your experiences, especially the ones that are painful, hard, and confusing are present to awaken you even more to become who you were destined to be.
  3. Our fathers and mothers are human. They are often unaware of the effects of their actions and words. They too struggle to love themselves and be who they were destined to be. They cannot be for us what they could not be for themselves. They deserve forgiveness and love.
  4. You can fully love yourself even after years of not loving yourself.Only a woman who is whole and healed will love herself completely though.
  5. Any unresolved issues you fail to address will continue to disturb and disrupt your life until you handle it!
  6. Surrendering to divine flow is the sweetest and most effective action one can take yet we fight so hard to control everything that we often miss this beauty in this, and opt to suffer instead
  7. If you tell the truth about yourself, you will learn that you are stronger and more courageous than you think
  8. You are always enough. In fact, you are MORE than enough and always have been
  9. Life is a journey. Awakening is a process. Becoming is a process. It is never ending. You are always unfolding your highest, truest expression of yourself as a human being
  10. We all want to be seen and heard. We all want to know that we matter and that we are important. The key is seeing yourself first before demanding that others see you. Although others may see your light before you do. Cherish them.
  11. Life is our greatest teacher and if we pay attention we will soon discover what we have been called to do.
  12. We spend far too much time preparing for our careers, and neglect to prepare for our true callings (dream job), and other sacred callings such becoming a wife and mother.
  13. Staying in your head is the quickest way to suffer and feel pain. Living from your heart is the quickest way to honor your soul and its path.
  14. Asking God questions and getting quiet enough to hear the response is one of the secret tips that confident, successful, and empowered woman have been using since the beginning of time from Africa to China to America
  15. Using your intuition as a guide will never fail you, but it takes work to perfect this level of consciousness


  • Forgiving oneself is the most beneficial and self-loving things a woman can do who seeks to become whole
  • Forcing and Waiting are opposite forces that will never ever make you happy. Surrendering is truly the only path to get what you want
  • Being more loving, giving, and forgiving with others (no matter who they are!) will always bring you a profound return on your investment. What you give, you shall receive.
  • Soulmates are real. They come in many forms and the experience at first is not a happy, ever after. Soulmates are reflections that foster your growth.
  • Don’t tell your BIG dreams to small minded people (Steve Harvey via OWN Network)


COMMENT BELOW: I would love to add to this list….Tell me what is the greatest life lesson you learned in 2014?