“Success leaves clues.” –Tony Robbins

There are some women we look at in awe! That is for a reason. Success takes hard work, dedication, and focus. But, women of color also have their own secrets that lend to their success that allow them to break barriers beyond racial and sexual stereotypes that may say otherwise. If you want to be successful, then you follow in the footsteps of those before you. As my main man Tony said, SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES, and he didn’t lie. P.S. If you don’t know Tony Robbins then you are missing out. Anyhoots, here are the top 6 secrets to their success:

1. They Know They Can Create The Life They Want

They are aware of the fact that outside circumstances and people do not determine where they end up, but instead they create their own lives. What they believe about themselves and their life is the single most important factor to achieving their dreasm! Oprah exemplifies this well! She has truly created the life she wants! Also, Kimora Lee Simmons has created an entire enterprise, too. There are countless other women of color who live by this first key to success:Sonia Sotomayer, Michelle Obama, and countless other women who are not as famous. If you don’t read any of the rest, this is the one I want you to recognize and focus on for yourself the MOST! It is the most important secret to success of all and any people.


Yup…guess whose life this is? They surely created the life they wanted! OPRAH, of course!

Are you building to where you want to be one day?

2. They Have a Mentor and Mentor Others

They have women and men they look up to who inspire them to do great things. They walked in the footsteps of their ancestors and also saw a place for blazing their own path as a result of others who opened doors for them. They also recognize the importance of giving back to the next generation, as well. For example, Beverly Bond started Black Girls Rock, a non-profit organization that promotes the arts to young women of color. She recognized the importance of helping other girls of color see more positive images of themselves, and gain experiences they may otherwise never have. Black Girls Rock is also an awards night now hosted on BET, this year’s event will be aired on November 4th!

3. They Create a Game Plan & Work It

They create a plan and work it like nobody’s business. They hire others and gather volunteers to help them reach their own vision. This is not selfish, but they instead hire and work with other talented folks in their respective areas that help their own careers but those of the people they work with. Beyonce’ could be seen as a prime example because her mother design her clothes, her father use to manage her, and she also hired an all female band. Cathy Hughes, founder of TV ONE also worked her plan, and now has one of the few black owned TV channels.

4. They Network with People

They recognize their time on earth is not to be spent alone but rather serving others, helping others, talking to others, building friendships and relationships with other women and men in order to enhance their quality of life and enhance their professional networks. Linked In may be a good place for you to start doing this, too.One of the most successful examples  is the BOSS (Bringing Out Successful Sisters) Network. Founded by  Camika Smith, the BOSS Network isa community of career and entrepreneurial women who support each other through conversation, online and event-based networking. www.thebossnetwork.org

5. They Never Stop Learning

They are lifelong learners. Oprah has created her own, Life Class show for this reason. Tyra Banks has went back to school to Harvard to increase her knowledge in their prestigious business school; while others continue to grow themselves in new ways daily knowing that they must stay sharp!

6. They Are Innovative

They come up with fresh ideas that can change the world and make our lives better. They make organizations and businesses better once they are graced by their presence. In other cases they go as far as starting their own businesses, communities, blogs, websites, programs, etc. There are thousands of examples around our own communities and even in the public eye. With the explosion of the natural hair movement and the amount of people starting blogs there are endless amounts of women doing their THING!!!!!!!!!!!! Too many to name which is a good thing!

Are they any you would add to this list?