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You said 2016 would be your year to invest more into yourself. Well here ya go!
I have compiled some of my best freebies for you to take advantage of, but only for this weekend.
So grab your favorite wine and unwind with these free empowerment tools:
  1. Reflect and respond to this journal prompt “on being enough” from my Free & Fab Guide here
  2. Change your phone screen saver with this empowering one for iPhone or Android
  3. Check yourself to see if you’re settling using this quiz
  4. Plan out your dream life & vision board with my 2016 FIERCE Dream Life Planner
  5. Download and recite these affirmation cards daily
  6. Take my confidence quiz to see what your “confidence type” is
  7. Let me teach you how to be consistently confident here.
  8. Listen to this FREE 9 min audio download from my Unleash Your FIERCE program on “Failures/Setbacks/Mistakes” here
  9. Schedule a free 20 minute coaching session with me.
  10. Let me teach you how to upgrade your prayer life and relationship with God here

    This is ALL for YOU because YOU mean so much to me.

    If you enjoy any of these, please email me personally at regalrealness@gmail.com and let a sistah know.

    I love hearing from real women who take real ownership of their lives and do the WORK it takes to change and become better.

    P.S. I will be offering a FREE challenge soon and a live confidence masterclass. I’ll need your help soon to pick the topic. Join my email list to stay in the loop.