“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

Now I know this is going to sounds like the craziest thing you have ever heard, but the #1 reason why you struggle with:

Love (I mean having your ideal relationship with the man of your dreams)


Happiness (I’m talking waking up every morning smiling and glowing)


Money (Cha-ching…I’m taking 6-7 figures…if you so desire)


Is because you don’t know a darn thing about tapping into your FEMININE POWER!             

Girl, what? I know that’s what you are thinking? Taria, how the hell will I have more money if I am more feminine? What does being happy have to with being feminine? So you’re saying I have to be “weak and submissive” to get love? ….Not exactly.

What is feminine power?

Feminine power is the ability to be balanced in your womanhood. It is the power to be a free flowing, loving, receptive, intuitive, radiant, emotional, blissful, peaceful, please-able, healed, whole, and powerful being.

What does a lack of feminine power look like?

  • You over give and overdo for others/rarely receive help
  • You feel depressed, tense and/or stressed a lot of the time
  • You yearn for deeper soul level and more meaningful relationships with women and men
  • You desire a man who you can be intimate and vulnerable with and who in turn with cherish and devote himself to you
  • You often times feel stuck with fulfilling your purpose in life
  • You don’t know how to intuitively make decisions or manifest new realities (like more money!)
  • You are really powerful and confident at work but it doesn’t translate to your romantic relationships
  • You spend very little time relaxing, resting, and vacationing
  • You’ve never had an orgasm or had an amazing blissful, orgasmic love making experience
  • You’re not totally in love with your body and don’t properly nourish it

How do I know?

I struggle with it everyday and have been for quite sometime. The smarter, more educated, more career oriented you are, the harder this is. It is also slightly harder for those raised by single mothers or if you’re parent(s) raised you to be independent!

Why do you need it?

When you tap into your feminine power (also known as feminine mystique, feminine energy, and feminine magnetism) there is a certain level of peace and fulfillment you will feel in your life. There is a direct correlation between the relationships you have with yourself and how that relationship connects to your happiness, your man, and your money.


Your Happiness: In order for you to be fully happy and fulfilled, you must pull back all of the layers of yourself that you think that you are. Then you must reawaken yourself to the feminine power that you were born with. When you reconnect with this side of you, you will see an increase in the joy, pleasure, peace, freedom, and fearlessness you feel in your life.


Your Man: Men thrive on your feminine nature. It compliments their masculine energy. Opposites attract. A man does not want to be with another man…that’s what he has friends for. You don’t want to be with another woman that’s why you love those (Alpha males who take charge and lead)..he can only do that when you are in your feminine and feels he can protect you, provide for you, and profess his love to you. If you are too busy focused on him and/or being just like (in your masculine) he will disappear, be hot/cold, and appear uninterested.


Your Money: Wealthy women know this little secret….the amount of money in their back account is directly related to their relationship with money. If you have unresolved personal issues with money, then you probably aren’t bringing in the income you desire. If you don’t know how to use your intuition and emotions to manifest money then you are probably again not making as much as you deserve to! If you struggle with receiving (and instead you are an over-giver) then you probably aren’t making as much as you desire. Masculine energy is the energy of giving and feminine energy is the energy of receiving.


To be able to receive more money, more love, and more happiness, you must clear up all of the things that BLOCK you from fully embracing your feminine power as a woman. You must learn to balance your womanhood with the masculine. You need both. Men need both. They are EQUALLY powerful. The problem comes when you are so immersed in your masculine energy (especially because you are so smart and so successful) that it hinders you from living a life you love! You deserve better boo. Get better by recognizing there is a power ALREADY inside of you that you are not nourishing.

What is the solution?

Start cultivating your feminine energy more. Also please note that the feminine energy I am talking about has less to do with your gender and more to do with your energy and way of being.


I Want to Know:

  • What is your biggest resistance to this idea of tapping into your femininity?
  • Have you ever considered this as a reason for your struggles?
  • Were you raised to be independent? Has this hurt or hinder you?